Aika Iskakova , model from USA , new name of “Golden 1000” Award

Anative of Kazakhstan, Iskakova Aika. Despite her young age, Aika dynamically develops in professional modeling, having become the face

of American and European glossy covers. The models exotic Eurasian appearance attracted the attention of the jury of the international Miss Nation Universe beauty contest, where Aika became a winner. The model graced the magazine covers of Topcity, Surreal, Faddy, Ellements, Gmaro, # 1Mag, FHM Netherlands.

Aika’s hobbies are fencing and dancing. Studying at Fashion TV model

school in New York, the model is also involved in charitable activities. As

a philanthropist, Aika helps novice athletes in acquiring the necessary attributes. Aika became a nominee of an international Business Award “Golden 1000” and her name was announced in Washington DC news, US news , Sansfrancisco Star , New York Telegraph.

«Love should always be joyful, healthy, not to the detriment of the partners themselves. It should open up a person, inspire and motivate him or her for actions. Love and passion cannot exist separately. They complement each other allowing a person to fly, sparkling our gaze.»

To be honest, I want to see a lot in him. Above all its reliability, support and protection. This should be a man with whom I would feel completely safe and comfortable, knowing that he would always take care of me and our future children, would be able to give good advice on some business issues. At the same time, he would become the best lover and friend for me, and we would just coincide energetically, sounding at the same frequency.

Since childhood, I dreamed of becoming a successful business woman, implementing charity projects and creating a personal brand. For me, success is teamwork. In my opinion, achieving real success is possible only in a team of like-minded people who are burning with an idea and their own business. Therefore, the most successful companies in the world pay special attention to staff recruitment. The human factor is by far the highest priority in business.

«It is incredibly valuable to experience such emotions, especially now, when everyone is fixated on material things, trying to suppress feelings for the sake of more mundane priorities, putting love out to the back of their minds.»