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Dr. Frank-Jurgen Richter in an exclusive interview for TOPCITY magazine gloss

– Frank would you tell about Horasis, how you started it, how you got the idea, why it happened, what was the background of all of it and of course how it developed over the years?
– Right. I founded Horasis in 2005 in Geneva originally. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur and as an entrepreneur, you know, you drive your own destiny, you take your own decisions. And uh, I was always employed before. So that it’s like the right time to be an entrepreneur. This was one reason. The second reason and maybe more importantly – I very much believe in dialogue and seeing, bringing people together to create trust between people and to create an element of an atmosphere that people can easily connect and conduct business. Certainly, I was contacted by the same confederation last year in China, Federation of Industrial Economics, our partner. They asked me to create something like Davos e-world Economic Forum where Chinese CEOs can meet once per year. And this was the origin of Horasis when we did our first Meeting. My background is I worked for the Davos. I’ve worked for the World Economic Forum as a director. And so basically, I left having the idea in mind the business model to create Horasis for the first seven-eight years Horasis was entirely focused on China. I speak Mandarin, I lived in China many years, and China I was very close to my heart. I felt the necessity for Chinese CEOs to have a platform where they can easily reach out to the global counterparts. Later on we added more meetings. The first meeting was held in Munich in 2009. In 2010 we started with an Arab Meeting and also is a Russia Meeting. And we do also a Global Meeting, which is the bold route. The Global Meeting is always based in Cascais in Portugal. We discovered that Ukraine would be a very good country to host meetings.

– And it will be first time in Ukraine, yes?
– First in Ukraine. So it’s our very first meeting, the one we held together with Dima and his friends as a partner here locally and with China Federation of Industrial Economics coming from the Chinese side, and we believe that Ukraine could play a more important role in the future where Horasis could contribute. So we have the plan to host also India Meeting, and we might even highlight Ukraine at our next Horasis Global Meeting, in Portugal, inviting members of government and doing some special receptions for Ukraine. So, in a nutshell, Horasis is a global platform for dialogue very much focusing on long-term issues. We describe ourselves as a vision community and we would like to give inspiration to the world bringing thinkers and doers together. Eighty percent of participants are business people, CEOs or founders, entrepreneurs; 20 percent – the rest are government, thought leadership co-professors, think-tanks, media, and also civil society, so it’s basically a business meeting, platform for business people to meet also other stakeholders and by rotating the Meeting we can always present different opportunities to the Chinese or to the Indians. They all want to discover the world. Last year’s China Meeting was held in the UK, the year before in Switzerland, the year before in Portugal, so we always rotate and I see that Ukraine is a country where you want to stay.
– The question from my side, what is the distinction from Davos?
– Right, of course Davos is, you know, the biggest meeting in the world, very successful founded in the early 70s. People compare us and we are the run-up to Davos, we are like a new Davos, focusing on the merchant markets – that’s our strengths, that’s our USP, we are maybe a bit like Davos 20 years ago, mostly focusing on business issues, issues relevant to business and much going into politics. Davos today is mostly political meeting there are around 40 head of states attending and everybody is trying to grab for the headline in the Financial Times or New York Times and the spirit of… the original spirit of Davos is, I guess, no longer there when people still meet at a fireplace and with long discussions a bit like we spend our meeting when people will need the whole day and a late night and go to bars together at the end, continue and becoming friends. So we are less political, more based on the individuals, more based on business. Of course, we are smaller but I think we are in the same way also influential in the countries we operate. So our China and India Meeting compared to the Davos are counterparts, I think we are on the same level and um, we are a growing organization, we’re based in Switzerland but we have operations all around the world. And of course we have Horasis Ukraine.
– If there were any specific targets or goals you set prior to the bringing Horasis in Ukraine? And do you think that you actually achieved, accomplished those goals?
– Right. One main goal was to put Ukraine on the map, on the map of Chinese investors, but also of global investors. Ukraine actually is much better than some people seeing the country, you know, doing, behaving and showing to the outside world. So as many good things happening here: the investment climate is improving. And so Horasis is a platform to make this happen. The Chinese got the new concept of the One Belt One Road – the Silk Road, connecting China with Europe Ukraine is in a very strategic position in between. If you think about Odesa on the Black sea as a shipping, Kyiv as the capital, as a transportation hub. This is openness to Europe. Ukraine has some advantages: one – very talented qualified people, especially in the area of IT of anything creative – Ukraine is famous for that, and I think investors are using this potential of Ukraine and we’ve had several sessions at our summit, we’ve been talked about competitiveness of Ukraine, we talked about China innovation projects between China – Ukraine. Even of Chinese people track. And the fact of having the meeting here was already a success of doing it and highlighting the chances of Ukraine. On the operational side the Meeting went very smooth. It’s been around… which number should we say? 350 participants, mostly CEOs of important companies; to name a few we had the CEO of Sinotrans which is the largest logistics company in China. We’ve got the CEO, the vice chairman of Beijing Automotive, the chairman of FREEMAX TV, the largest media company but also lot of people in modern industries, IT, venture capital and private equity. And I think they are here to stay and want to put some operations.

– What is the meaning of Horasis?
Horasis is ancient Greek, it means visions, so long-term visions because we are visions community and we would like to inspire the future. We always say if all participants come back with this one single idea of the Meeting which is transformative, which will transform their life and their business then we lived up to our promises because you know we are generating ideas, we are like a festival of ideas with a pure business dimension, but also very much knowledge dimension. In a non-academic sense we can talk about real-life examples about, you know, experiences about success but also failures, about new technologies. We had fascinating sessions on e-commerce and on blockchain technologies, so people always say Horasis is like an executive e-MBA in one day time.

– Is there an expectation from your side that what Horasis did to Ukraine and China is actually founded a solid basement for further fruitful corporation?
– Yes-yes. I strongly believe so. And that is a China saying that, you know, every journey starts with the first step and when we go to a new place we have not been before it’s like a terra incognito, so unknown land. The government is very interested. We had follow-up discussions with the SFII, this is State Financial Institution for Innovations and as we heard that the Ministry of Economy is watching what we’re doing and seeing it’s something very useful to the government. We very much believe in private-public partnerships. Where government and the private sector can work together because one sector alone can’t hardly do it. Government needs support from society, from business. Businesses society needs support from government and the fact that we are a foreign organization actually is a big advantage. So we don’t know too much about, let’s say the local politics, we stay out of it. We are a Swiss organization. We are neutral. We just want to work for country, and we are not looking into let’s say differences of parties and things, but you know, we want to help the country like Ukraine, Ukraine has to open up, has to show its potential to the outside world. And it could definitely count on Horasis as a trusted partner.

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British Petroleum Success Story

Full Name:
BP (British Petroleum)
William Knox D Arcy
Bob Dudley
United Kingdom

BP or British Petroleum is a multinational oil and gas company. The company is headquartered in London, England. By market capitalization, it is the 6th largest energy company. It is also the 6th largest oil and gas company all over the globe. The company is involved in almost all the major operations in oil and gas industry. The operations include petrochemicals, refining, trading, power generation, etc.

BP currently operates in around 80 countries. It produces around 3.2 million barrels per day. It is one of the largest producers of oil and gas industry in the whole world. The company has around 17,000 service stations spread all over the world. The company has some of the stake in the world’s largest traded oil and gas company, Rosneft. British Petroleum is also listed on the London Stock Exchange. There are also the secondary listings of the company as well in Frankfurt stock exchange.

The origin of the company dates back to 1909. It was originally the founding of the Anglo-Persian Oil Company. By 1935, it became the Burmah Oil Company and it was established to exploit the discoveries of oil in Iran. The company became British Petroleum in the year 1954. BP was the first company to strike oil in the North Sea.
The company has also been involved in some of the major environmental incidents in the history. One of the major incidents was the Texas City Refinery explosion in the year 2005. Another incident was the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the year 2010. It was the largest incident in which the oil was released into the marine water. It resulted in many environmental consequences later on. The company has around 83, 900 employees as of 2013. There are two main business units in the company. One segment is called as Upstream and the other one is called Downstream. The major operations of the company operate in many countries across the globe, including Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and North& South America.
The major business segments of the company include oil and natural gas, oil refining and marketing, low carbon energy, etc. The company adopted many major branding techniques, but suffered a serious negative public image after one of the largest environmental incidents occurred due to the giant.
Apart from the success of the company, the oil giant has also seen major breakdowns in its history. It was involved in some of the major air pollutants violations. BP also suffered from the case filed by 95 farmers of Columbia for the damage caused due to Ocensa Pipeline. There were some of the health and safety violations as well. Some of unsafe operations in the company’s refinery in Ohio were also reported and filed.
The environmental incidents have caused some of the major effects on the human health so far. The workers involved in the cleaning process are the most suffered from these incidents.

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14 of Elon Musk’s Best Secrets of Success

Elon Musk is not your ordinary Billionaire.
Unlike most Billionaire’s Elon has made billions of dollars multiple times with entirely different businesses.
Elon made his first fortune with a digital media company called Zip2 which sold to Compaq for $307 million in 1999 when Elon was just 27.
Not long after Zip2 was acquired Elon co-founded PayPal, which he ended up selling sold to eBay for $1.5 billion dollars in October of 2002.
Since then he has founded SpaceX, co-founded Tesla Motors, and become the chairman of SolarCity.
Currently Elon is worth $13.6 Billion dollars and that number is on the rise.
For the awesome impact on the world he is making Elon made the cover of Time magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world and his influence is only continuing to grow.

1. Work Like Hell
Elon Musk has a fierce work ethic.
When Elon and his brother co-founded the company that became PayPal they lived and slept in a small office, and showered at the local YMCA.
“Work like hell. I mean you just have to put in 80 to 100 hour weeks every week. This improves the odds of success. If other people are putting in 40 hour work weeks and you’re putting in 100 hour work weeks, then even if you’re doing the same thing you know that… you will achieve in 4 months what it takes them a year to achieve.” – ElonMusk

2. Don’t Just Follow The Trend
If you look at all of Elon’s businesses they solve huge problems in emerging markets where there is little competition.
When he co-founded PayPal they were for a time the only email money transferring solution in the world.
SpaceX is the first private company to send a spacecraft (Dragon) to the ISS.
Tesla is the worlds leading electric car company.
In his USC commencement speech Elon recommends: “Don’t just follow the trend” and his actions have certainly followed this advice.
To reap the greatest rewards focus on innovation rather than competition.
Strive to innovate to such a degree that there are no competitors. Elon’s Billionaire business partner Peter Thiel writes on this topic in his book Zero to One.
If you want to create and capture lasting value, look to innovate and create a monopoly.
Monopolies by definition transcend competition and are how the greatest business profits can be achieved.

3. Really Like What You Do
When you really like what you do it enables you to find the energy persist through the challenges that a growing business will undoubtedly face.

4. Take Risks
With greater risks, such as those needed to carve out a new niche, comes the potential for far greater rewards.
Musk poured so much of his money into SpaceX and Tesla that he had to borrow money from friends to cover his living expenses.
However the risk of pouring his money into those companies paid off.
Today SpaceX, Tesla, and Solar City are thriving and Elon is several billion dollars wealthier than he was before.

5. Don’t Fear Failure
In an interview Musk has stated that he originally thought Tesla would fail.
When asked why he would start a company that he didn’t think would be successful his answer was:
“If something is important enough you should try even if the probable outcome is failure.”
Elon wanted to get rid of the perception that electric cars are ugly and slow.
Although entirely changing the way the public perceives a product class is no easy task Musk has made it happen.
The Tesla Model S sedan topped Consumer Reports’ annual customer satisfaction ratings two years in a row.

6. Do Something Important
Success and satisfaction with your work are not all about making money.
Elon had more money than he needed at the age of 27 but he has pressed on, working like a madman because he recognizes the importance of his work, and changing the world in the process.
Elon recommends being bold and choosing to do something important.
Not only can working on important projects give you great financial rewards it can also provide the satisfaction that comes with knowing you are changing the world for the better.

7. Focus on Signal Over Noise
Tesla has never spent any money on advertising.
They focus instead on investing in R&D and design since these will help make the car as good as possible.
“I ask myself: Will this activity result in a better product or service? If not, I stop those efforts.”

8. Create a Superior Product
Create an amazing product and that is the strongest type of marketing there is.
Apple is another example of this. Although Apple certainly does not shy away from advertising that marketing would fall flat if their products were not high quality.
When media outlets start talking about how your product is the best in the world you’re on the right track.
Twitter Ads info and privacy

9. Be Ready to Learn New Skills
Don’t let what you don’t know stop you from tackling important endeavors.
Elon never owned a car company before, but that didn’t stop him from starting Tesla.
Elon was never a rocket scientist, but that didn’t stop him from starting SpaceX.
There are plenty of books out there and there is more information readily available than ever before so set your sights high because there is plenty of information online about how you can make it happen.

10. Seek Out Constructive Criticism
One success tip that many people likely avoid is seeking out criticism.
Noone likes hearing what they are potentially doing wrong but by seeking out this information from people you trust you gain valuable insight that you may be able to use to make improvements.

11. Be Unrelentingly Optimistic
Elon is known for setting impossible deadlines and making requests of his employees to cut costs by up to 90%.
A lot of the time these deadlines fail, but often they succeed.
Challenge yourself to think big and this will often yield big returns.
Seeking unreasonable levels of success is a strategy that can lead you to exceptional success.

12. Attract Great People
All a company is, is a group of people working together to create a product or service.
In his commencement speech at USC Elon Musk explained that if you are creating or joining a company the most important thing is to attract great people.

13. Strive to Be Significantly Better Than The Competition
Put yourself in the shoes of the consumer, Elon says.
“They are going to buy the trusted brand unless there is a big difference.”
So if you want to set yourself apart from the competition don’t just try to be a bit better. Strivetobe significantly better.

14. Never Give Up
The SpaceX Falcon 1 launch vehicle made it through the first and most most dangerous stage – the one where it actually breaks away from Earth’s gravitational pull.
But the rocket faltered soon after and they lost communication. That was it: the mission failed.
The 300+ SpaceX employees in attendance were heartbroken – and fearing for their very livelihoods – when Musk stepped up to speak to the crowd.
Elon revealed that he had already secured further investment in SpaceX so they would be able to continue their mission in case of complications.
At the climax of his speech, he told his employees not what they should do, but what he was going to do: “For my part, I will never give up,” Musk said, “and I mean never.”

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The Secret of Bitcoin. What its creators are hiding?

Bitcoin cryptocurrency has become a life buoy for those wishing to steer clear of the capital regulation system. It circulates exclusively in a digital form and cannot be touched; it doesn’t rustle like regular paper money and appears in the form of digits on the screen of your chosen gadget. Also, there are lots of interesting facts as to why it was created! Let us reveal them.

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Maserati Levante is a completely unique crossover that perfectly combines the traditionally flawless Italian style and authentic sports spirit of the legendary brand.

Maserati Levante is a completely unique crossover that perfectly combines the traditionally flawless Italian style and authentic sports spirit of the legendary brand.

Maserati named its first-ever SUV after a warm Mediterranean wind Levanter “that can change from a light breeze to an irresistible natural force in an instant” to mirror the character of the upcoming beauty. Well, to some extent it corresponds to reality with all-Maserati Levante S.

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