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Starry jury of Miss Fashion Universe Ukraine 2018 announced the winner

The best of the best in one event: stylish Ukrainian and foreign guests, beautiful contestants, incredible atmosphere, delicious snacks, a lot of gifts from sponsors and partners and amazing show from Ukrainian celebrities and best participants of TV-projects. In such conditions starry jury of the national beauty contest chose the Miss Fashion Universe Ukraine 2018. Let’s get to it…

November the 5th, concert hall of Premier Palace hotel, fires, sea of flowers and greetings to the winner ofthe Miss Fashion Universe Ukraine 2018 –Anna Kim, acontestant from Crimea.Yulia Kim is the First vice-miss from Crimea and KaterynaMatsarska is the Second vice-miss.
Presentation of a social video with models from the Miss Fashion Universe Ukraine 2018 on the main screens.
VitaliiKostyletsky’s team worked on preparing the catwalk. The starry juryare: IrakliMakatsaria(participant of the project Bachelor 6, businessman, participant of “Dances with Celebrities” show), AkhtemSeitablav(famous Crimean-Tatar and Ukrainian director, actor, nominee of the international premiums, guest and face of top-magazines, participant of “Dances with Celebrities” in 2017),AlieTkachenko-Dzhepparova(president of the international contest Miss Fashion Universe, owner of TOPCITY magazine, singer,business-lady, founder of the first International business Premium “GOLDEN1000”), YuliaZorii (ICTV host), OleksandrOlshanetskyi (President of the football marketing company JSC Sport management Germany),AndriiStehantsov(ex-senior producer on NBC, chairman of the world federation ISKA), OlehKolibaba(founder of the Medical center of OlehKolibaba), OleksiiKatashynskyi(CEO of Korney Models)
The hosts of the evening wereGabriella Massangaand Roman Mikhno. Also international premium “Golden 1000” was presented here, with first nominees from Ukraine: AkhtemSeitablayev, IrakliMakatsaria, SvitlanaKitsak, YuliaZorii. Czech photomodel Lana Monsteinwere crowned for the victory on the international contestPhotomodel Universe and AnzhelikaKhozhainova for the second place on the same contest.

The event sponsors are TOPCITY magazine, Oriflame Company, jewlery brand ‘KAZKA’ The even partners were:Maria Holybchyk (events designer), Italian brand of fur clothing “Braschi”,dentistoffice”Total dent”, ‘Krisstel”brand (Svitlana Shelefost as a designer), Tetiana Boiko’s author schol of make-up, salon of wedding and evening dress “Slanovsky”, Iryna Diudenko’s network of beauty salon, D-2
The guests of the evening and the part of the program were bright Ukrainian celebrities such asALYOSHA, Kishe, Marta Adamchuk, Anna Dobrydneva, participant of Ukrainian TV-project “Voice: Children”, Monatik’s team, VeronikaKovalenko, Amaly, ballet couple Eremin and others. Ukrainian businessmen and guests from Switzerland, Germany, USA and other representatives of culture and sport also visited the event.

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Channing Tatum broke up with his girlfriend

Channing Tatum, Hollywood celebrity and A-lister, once again made the hearts of his fans beat faster. On April 3, he made his divorce public on Twitter. A similar statement was made in social media by his wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum as well.

Channing-Tatum 947522

Since the couple did not explain the exact reason for the split, the press immediately rushed to investigate. Possible reasons included Channing’s alcohol abuse, as well as different priorities in the life of spouses, where the husband was focused on a career, and the wife was more of a home keeper.

In turn, the Tatum family denied such allegations of reporters and celebrity-hunters. Channing and Jenna addressed their fans online together, stating that they still love each other and have no disagreements at all. It’s just time for both of them to go their separate ways.

It is worth noting that the couple spent nine years together. They met while filming the cult youth film Step Up released in 2006. Channing and Jenna had starring roles in the film and translated their feelings from the set to reality after that.


The couple married on 11 July 2009 in Malibu. And already in 2013, they had an addition to the family, their daughter Everly Elizabeth Maiselle.

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What does it take to win the heart of the Goddess?

For the first time, the editors dared to ask questions of a personal nature to a cover girl. Sensual and incredibly beautiful Anastasiia Iablokova left our interviewer no choice. Her spontaneous posing during the shoot attracted the attention of passing men, and the key question of the interview was: How a man can attract your attention?”… So, detailed information is provided below.

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