Time is fleeting, so its efficient use is becoming increasingly important. You always want to keep up with the times, to be on-trend, to follow the emerging trends in business sphere and social activity as well, to make useful contacts with new remarkable partners and start mutually beneficial cooperation. Aware of the partnership value, my team and I are striving to improve the content, to invite new world ranking guests who can catch the readers’ interest. Princess Tessy of Luxembourg was the special guests of this issue of the magazine. Her activity, motherhood and the deserved title is worthy of rapt attention. I am sure her frank interview will open the eyes of the readers to many issues of the Princess’ life and motivate those whose work is connected with public activity. 

Although the cover photo was taken in Dubai, the theme of this issue is London—our magazine is now available in Great Britain, after all! Among the guests of the issue was a young business lady from London, Viktoriia Ivanovenia. In her interview, she talked about the innovative anti-ageing method and the unique SPA in Ukraine.

The life is so grand and is definitely worth taking a break now and then, putting aside the seemingly important things, and immerse yourself in the moment just to enjoy it to the fullest—for it will never happen again. New Year is a great opportunity: this is a holiday, when time can stand still. Giving a toast, we all sum up the events of the passing year and set new goals to strive for in the forthcoming one. May your most audacious plans be fulfilled, the goals achieved your life lived to the fullest, with you being conscious of every moment. TOPCITY is still an ambitious international magazine covering the most newsworthy events and the activity of the brightest people. We also organize charitable and social events, presentations and awards in 5 countries: Ukraine, the UK, the UAE, Monaco and the USA. We are always open to cooperation.

We are passionate about what we do and we love you—dear partners, colleagues, friends and readers!

May your life be full of the most vivid emotions in the coming NEW YEAR, our dear friends!