Founder of the brand Krisstel – Svetlana Shelefost visiting gloss editorial TOPCITY magazine

– Svitlana, tell us, what’s the origin of Krisstel brand, what model started it all?
– Since I was a kid I loved to embroider and create different looks. Back then, when I was a kid, I knew what I will become. But life had different plans, so I postponed this idea for another 10 years. During this time I tried myself in different types of activity, but in the end, I returned to what I liked the most – embroidering. In 2003 I opened my own tailor shop and simultaneously went to study as a technologist in embroidering industry. In time I understood, it was not enough for me, I wanted to dress more people and create more models. In 2007 I launched women’s clothing line under the brand of KRISSTEL. The first released item was a dress with the aroma. Eventually it became the most popular model of the brand and a signature of KRISSTEL.

– What is your source of inspiration? Do you realize your ideas by yourself? Or someone helps you out?
– I like traveling and I try to go out at least a few times a year to seek new impressions. I watch how women in other countries behave and dress, what they are talking about, where they go, all this inspires me to create new collections. I alone design the clothing, I come up with and draw sketches, while the development and process of embroidering is the result of the work of my team that has been helping me to dress Ukrainian women in a stylish fashion for 11 years.
-What “to be realized as a designer” means to you? Some look at the sales, some at the promos. How do you see whether you are doing your job well?
– I’m very pleased to hear and read the reviews of the clients that choose KRISSTEL throughout the years, especially when this tradition goes from mother to daughter. I’m also very pleased to see my clothing chosen for shooting in various projects and publishing.
All this makes me want to move further and stimulates to create a new collection for women of different ages.
People like my clothing and it’s the marker that I’ve succeeded in becoming a true designer.

– Do you think it is possible todevelop good taste?
– Sure, good taste can be developed. It all depends on a person`s environment and what inspires that person. But the progress is very individual.
We are doing our part too to help women handle this by offering complete looks for the season considering all modern trends.

– Could you name a few things that adorn women? Let’s say, 5 accessories that are must-have for girls 🙂
– In my opinion, the top accessory a woman can get is her femininity and ability to show herself in the society. However, if you want to talk about accessories that add to the look, you need a good bag and a scarf, period.

– Svitlana, what mistakes did you make on your creative way that beginner-designers would be glad to avoid?
– The mistakes I possibly made built the way I have been walking all this time, so I have no regrets. The experience taught me a lot. My advice to all designers and really everyone who starts their own business is: don’t be afraid to experiment, ask for advice from professionals and most importantly – listen to your heart, it’s the best guide you’ve got.