Instagram accounts have long been known to become a “claim to fame” for not only people but even animals.

We do believe that Instagram is the trendiest social network now, as well as a means of self-expression, advertising, and promotion. Today it seems that everyone has an Instagram account, and even the largest global companies maintain their pages to delight customers with the latest information and striking photos. Our editorial board has prepared several tips for you on how to gain visibility on Instagram and grow the number of likes and followers on your account.


Really cool photos

The most important and, frankly, the only Instagram commandment. If you often travel, you share beautiful places you’ve been to with your friends. And if you adore cooking and often pamper your relatives with delicious and beautiful dishes, showing off your works is a right way towards the huge popularity too.

Statistics show that the most popular on Instagram are lifestyle photos (cool cars, expensive houses, and other attributes of luxury life). Personal photos—children, holidays, and family—are the second most popular.

Take it into account when choosing topics for your work.


Popular hashtags

Sure, you can invent funny hashtags yourself. Chances are, however, no one will see your photos under #ohmumlet’sgivemorechic.

The photo will sink into oblivion, and your claim to popularity, as well as a huge number of active followers, will vanish. To prevent this, use only the tags that your target audience follows. Here is a list of the most popular tags for your convenience. Copy, paste, and enjoy!

#love #instagood #tbt #photooftheday #cute #me #happy

#followme #follow #picoftheday #fashion #selfie #tagsforlikes

#summer #girl #friends #instadaily #fun #like #smile #like4like

#igers #instamood #food #instalike #repost #family #nofilter



Interesting location

If you often visit new and interesting places, be sure to attach the location to the photo. This may attract the residents of your city and, perhaps, they will become your followers. A couple of valuable tips or observations will be invaluable too.

Another advantage of pinning the location is becoming included in the feed connected to this place together with pictures of other visitors. And it means more visibility for you.

Link social media accounts

If you use other social networks in addition to Instagram, we have great news. You can expand your potential audience by sharing your photos on Twitter or Facebook!

To do this, just go to account settings and make sure that all your social network profiles are connected.