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NIZIE is a new, inclusive brand that exemplifies a reflection of the Crimean culture in modern society.

— Nizie, you are young, but despite the young age, your success is obvious: the collections took part in the fashion week in France; your name was mentioned in the most prestigious US Fashion Magazine – Vogue. Tell us how you became a designer.


— I’ve been a creative child since childhood. I was drawing, dancing, interested in phytodesign. At the age of about 11, I started thinking about what I want and how. This is how I got a Camera at this age. The cassette with the clip of “Model” by Ocean Elsa triggered the strongest emotions. It seemed that everything around me was not entirely fair, but it was fair on the tape. The song “Coco Chanel” got so much into me that even without understanding the main idea of the song at that time I decided that it would be so great to become a clothing designer! This is what I want! )

I took grandmother’s fabrics, new things from a pretty much sacred trunk for my “pen test”) According to our Crimean Tatar traditions, all the best things were kept in trunks for future weddings and celebrations. But I was “pulling out” the stocks for my masterpieces: I changed everything in my own way. Of course, I came across grandmother’s indignation!)

I studied at school, then at university. I took various courses in Kiev and beyond. I am very dedicated to this business. That is my love. Each show is a holiday for me! Each collection is my continuation! For 10 years, my personal needs have been following the needs of the designer in me.


—  The peculiarity of your collections is a mixture of Crimean Tatar folk style and modern fashion. How do you choose fabrics for the collection?

—  Creating ethnic images is not always easy, as selection in stores does not always correspond to the idea. No one has created Crimean Tatar print fabrics for sale yet. But for our last collection we created a print on fabric taken from Crimean Tatar kilims (carpets) with our conceptual ornament. I love this fabric!) And if we talk about buying fabrics, then most often these are fabrics from Kiev.

We use only natural and eco fabrics! No synthetics!

— What is the philosophy of your brand?

— NIZIE is a new, inclusive brand that exemplifies a reflection of the Crimean culture in modern society. NIZIE creates clothes that embody an essence of strong, confident and progressive women while also using eco-friendly fabrics in efforts to make the fashion industry greener.

The DNA of NIZIE’s new collection is modern clothing with elements of ethno-Crimean Tatar culture. As I am a part of a Crimean Tatar nation, this clothing was created as a symbol of ethnic devotion. My culture expresses an incredibly unique history based on a rare combination of two philosophies from the East and the West. Based on deeply rooted traditions within the Crimean Tartar nation, I am inspired to strive forward and represent where I come from. My clothing and style illustrate the philosophies in this culture.


— Tell us more about what you have achieved to date, and which goals are set for the following year.

— I see how my business is growing, how I grow in it myself. My collections won the design competitions – these were the first steps. We held a large number of fashion shows in different countries. Recently,a show was held in Milan, then in Paris. Each small victory is a surge of positive emotions that energize the creativity that lives in me.

— Who is your professional idol (designer)? And why?

— Yohji Yamamoto, Vivienne Westwood, Comme des Garçons.

They are very original, very interesting. These are the brands that have left their mark in fashion. These are Designers with a capital letter. Their works always make me want to create, they inspire me!


— What is your opinion on modern fashion?

— Fashion today allows everyone to express themselves, and that is great! It is diverse: everyone can be as free as possible. It gives an opportunity to maintain your individual style following fashion trends. Fashion trends are characterized by very rapid changes. Constant innovations push people to buy and buy, consume and consume… Of course, I call for awareness. In my opinion, it is better to buy only what is necessary and to acquire unique and high-quality things. And if possible, switch to Eco. This is a necessity today!

— What is the secret of your success?

— Success accompanies my character. I know what I want and I very firmly stand my ground. I am honest with myself. My creativity, my talent, my collections – everything happens between God and me and only then, between the world and me. I think success means to love what you do and move forward to the results; be with those who you love and develop your relationships for the better.


—  What the upcoming collection will be like? Where would you like to show it?

—  We will be working within our DNA. The modern collection with Crimean Tatars elements. Natural fabrics. If possible, eco-friendly fabrics will be used. We are looking for like-minded people. Of course, Europe is the venue where you want to hold shows. America is also interesting) I want to see clothes of the NIZIE brand in the best showrooms of Europe, and further, of the world as a whole!


— Your advice to novice designers

— Study. Develop yourself. Believe in what you do. Believe in yourself. Try and don’t be afraid to take risks.