One of the most beautiful AutoLady in Ukraine

One of the most beautiful AutoLady in Ukraine, Miss Maserati Kristina Savelyeva “does not wear a crown”, on the contrary, very sweet and sociable. The model told us about itself, nothing embellishing…

The cover girl of this issue is a striking model and Miss Maserati 2017, Christina Savelieva

  • Christina, could you please tell us how close the Maserati brand is to you?
  • Maserati are elite sports cars of the Italian brand. In my opinion, if the funds allow you to refuel and service the car, then for this money there is no better alternative. Inside and outside, the machine looks amazing! Beautiful, driving mad. On the road you feel like a queen. A high level of equipment has always been the skate of expensive Italian cars. The interior of the Maserati is a delicate leather, noble woods, resilient expensive plastic – everywhere an impeccable harmony. Perhaps the most convenient car for me. I think the car should be chosen with the heart, not with a calculator
  • Tell us about yourself.
  • I work as a model and still develop in another business. There are goals in life, I think they will reach in the near future. I was born in Ukraine, in the city of Berdyansk. Since childhood I love arenalin, speed, extreme. Previously, I was engaged in basketball, track and field athletics, dancing. I really love sports, but now I do not practice professional sports, only fitness.

– What does Miss Maserati dream about?

  • I like to sing and, of course, in the near future to write down my album of songs.
  • What helps you keep yourself in shape?
  • Sport, proper nutrition, good sleep, lack of alcohol, more water, fewer calories. Now I understood how important this is, and how this favorably affects the appearance. Also, I adhere to a healthy diet with a low fat content, which makes it possible to stay slim and make the complexion perfect. My day begins with a hearty breakfast, any start of the day – oatmeal with fruit, with berries or egg-white omelet with vegetables. Girls-models are constantly in a state of stress, and lack of sleep affects. Therefore, the nutrition of the models should strengthen their nervous system and allow them to cope with the loads.

– Christina, what would you like to wish our readers?

– More confidence and confidence in yourself, a desire to work hard, and even falling painfully, get up again and continue walking. Good luck and sunlight!