Tessy Antony Luksemburg For TOPCITY

1. Tessy, you are the head of the Rise Young Women’s Club delegation, as well as the global ambassador of UNAIDS. Would you please tell us about the activities of these organizations?

Tessy_1 (1)

2. So, you were on a mission to South Africa to find out how HIV affects the lives of young women and teenage girls in the country. What were you able to research?

3. Tessy, what missions/programs, in your opinion, are effective regarding the gender inequality issue? What are your plans for future charitable activities?

4. Besides doing charity, you bring up two wonderful sons. Could you please tell us about their hobbies and talents?

5. And how were you brought up? Please tell us a little about your family.

6. Tessy, what are your hobbies? How do you like to spend your free time?

7. Do you have a dream? Perhaps you have both a personal one and a global one. Please, share both of them.

8. Since childhood, every girl dreams of becoming a princess without understanding the meaning of this high title. Tessy, what is a typical day of a real princess like? What do you have to do every day, what skills to develop?

9. What is the most precious thing in life for you?

14the blue-H.R.H. Princess Tessy of Luxembourg, née Antony p tessy lux

10. By the way, you were a volunteer and served in the Luxembourg army. Why did you take such a step? What did the army teach you?

11. You are incredibly brave, strong-willed and …?) What qualities of Tessy Antony are revealed only to the dearest people?

12. Tessy, thank you for your sincere interview. What would you like to wish TOPCITY magazine?