The Goddess Plans to Develop Spiritually

Antonina Arsenteva—the winner of The Goddess of Ukraine project—is an extremely modest young lady with a good upbringing. She was shy to give an interview but the TOPCITY editorial staff managed to talk to the young model whose dream is to develop spiritually.

Antonina, I would like to start our conversation with your victory at the Goddess of Ukraine project. The majority of visitors of the TOPCITY magazine’s website voted for you. You were crowned as the most beautiful lady with a rich inner world. Tell us how do you manage to combine your modelling career and personal development?

To my mind, beauty is a necessary parameter for a model; still it is inseparable from inner spiritual development. The true beauty lies within us, you know. A woman can take care of herself, visit beauty salons, consult dieticians, cosmetologists, etc. Though, if there is no inner force of beauty, she can’t look truly attractive.

What does the Goddess of Ukraine plan for the future?

To travel more, to develop spiritually, and to cultivate the Good.

What distinguishes a model from a crowned model in your opinion?

First of all, a crown means acknowledgement and recognition of a model’s professional skills. Secondly, it gives a head start for modelling career advancement.

Are you planning to win any more broad-scale competitions?

Yes, I am.

The stronger sex will especially appreciate the answer to the next question. You are a beautiful and successful lady with rich inner world. Do you have a soul mate?

No, I don’t hurry up with this, for I have a somewhat extraordinary point of view on this. I believe marrying and giving birth to children are not the most important things a woman can do.

Antonina, where one can meet you? Do you have any favourite resting places or probably favourite countries? How often do you travel?

I really love Monaco. It’s a place where I would like to live if I weren’t determined to live in my native land. Monaco is a place with no stress; one can go through the whole city in 15 minutes on foot. There are no traffic jams and there is a seaside nearby. Therewith, the state is developed economically as well as industrially. I also love Italy, especially its northern part. I love Milan for the spirit of Italian fashion. The people there are more friendly and kind. Though, on the minus side is that they sometimes ignore cleanness.

What did you like most in the Goddess of Ukraine project? You arrived to the award ceremony from abroad. What was your reaction to the manager’s call telling you have won, and the invitation to a charity event where you received a unique crown in the form of a laurel wreath?

I was really happy to hear the news. I arrived to Kyiv and got acquainted with the TOPCITY team. The magazine staff, including the editor and the photographers, proved to be very open-hearted and interesting people. I wish you further success!