The Voice of Queen Almondo 2017

On April 9, 2017, The Voice of Queen Almondo 2017 modelling and vocal competition was held in Almondo Restaurant&Club. It wasn’t a traditional beauty contest where models’ appearance was assessed. It was the vocals skills of the contestants that added a special flavor to the competition. 10 wonderful girls strived for the title.

The honourable jury included:

  • Olha Vnukova – The Most Beautiful Ukrainian Girls magazine chief editor
  • Nataliia Kondtratenko – The Bachelor 6 finalist
  • Alisha Tkachenko-Dzepparova – the president of Miss Fashion Universe (Dubai) international beauty contest and the owner of TopCity magazine
  • Vadym Arleans – the art director with FLORISTE flower shop
  • Marianna Hlushchenko – a popular photographer
  • Iryna Chernysh – the owner of TILO lingerie showroom
  • Andrii Bochka – the lead photographer at Royal Models Agency
  • Anton Moskovskyi and Mykola Rybachuk – the owners of multi-brand shop 911.

Vying for the crown were established models and singers as well as the ones new to the stage. Nevertheless, all participants were equally brilliant. The models impressed the guests and the jury with their runway walks in the clothes provided by multi-brand shop 911. Roman Dribnoi, the contest presenter, created friendly atmosphere, maintaining the intrigue throughout the event. The Voice of Queen Almondo 2017 title was awarded to Yuliia Domanska. Iryna Radyshevska became the 1 Vice Voice of Queen Almondo 2017. The 2 Vice Voice of Queen Almondo 2017 prize went to Yanina Rybalko. All the participants received gift certificates and pleasant presents. Among the event partners were: The Most Beautiful Ukrainian Girls glossy magazine, the TopCity beauty magazine, Baiadera (high-quality spirits producer and seller), Carramel tanning salon network, TILO lingerie underwear and home clothing showroom, FLORISTE flower shop, Sievda Faradjova hair accessories, off-site beauty agency. The contest provider was the Royal Models Agency.