TOP 50 Most Beautiful FACES 2020

The international magazine TOPCITY announced a casting among the most beautiful and brightest girls in the world aged 18 to 35 years inviting them to take part in the project “TOP 50 Most Beautiful FACES 2020”. The names of the 50 finalists will be covered in the print edition of TOPCITY magazine, as well as on the websites of the project partners: Starlife, TOPcelebritiesOnline, LOS ANGELES Herald. Since the project is designed to discover new names, the world-famous actresses and models will be out of rating.

Aliye Tkachenko-Jepparova

The project is open for participation of girls aged 18 -35 years from any country of the world, of any height, without excess weight and with beautiful faces.

Anna Vasilevska

The selection committee will be composed of beauty and fashion experts: the editor-in-chief and president of the international beauty contests “Miss Fashion Universe”, “PhotoModel Universe”, Aliye Tkachenko – Jepparova, remarkable photographer of “Vogue” (Arabia) Kays Ramadan, Top models Anna Vasilevskaya, famous Ukrainian singer and sportswoman Anna Dobrydneva and one secret member of the jury, whose name will be announced after the results of the competition.

“We would like to remind the world gripped by pandemic nowadays about beauty .. we also carry out a similar project among children to remind people of the beautiful, of the children that we live for, of the beauty that we strive for in everything ..” – wrote Aliye Tkachenko in her Facebook. – Jepparova. In the TOP 50 most beautiful faces project, each rating nominee will share the secret of her beauty. Thus, readers will not only enjoy the beauty of girls, who are intensively working on their appearance, but will also receive verified “beauty recipes”, which may inspire those who have been going to take care of themselves for a long time, but simply lack inspiration and strength. The jury of the project, too, will not be an exception. And so, 54 beauty and health tips from the Most beautiful people from around the world will be available to readers of the international magazine “TOPCITY”. Applications for participation can be submitted to the email address .

Anna Dobrydneva