YouTube Gold Play Button: Ask Creators Who Got It

Oscars, Grammys, Golden Bridge Awards… Nowadays, virtually every activity has awards for its best representatives. Since being a vlogger also become a full-time job for many, popular video hosting YouTube has established an award for the fan favourites called the Gold Play Button.


The award was introduced in 2012 during the annual conference VidCon. Tim Shay, YouTube’s Executive Director, stated that only vloggers with an audience of one million can get a Gold Play Button.

It’s no secret that channels of international stars were the ones that got into the world’s top list of millionaire channels immediately. For example, in the same year of 2012, the award was given to Kathy Perry аnd Justin Bieber.

But the pursuit of the Gold Play Button did not leave out Ukraine either. About 30 Ukrainian online channels have conquered the Internet so far. We will talk about some of them next.

In 2018, the owners of the YouTube award in Ukraine were joined by the famous Ukrainian band VremyaiSteklo. These guys have long gone viral with their “avant-garde” music videos and catchy songs.


In 2017, their all-time favourite Imya 505 (Name 505) took a back seat to the new hit Troll. “It was seventh in the world-wide rating of the most popular songs. And the video for this song got more than 80 million views,” says NadyaDorofeeva, singer of the band.

The official YouTube-channel of VremyaiSteklo already has more than 1.5 million subscribers! For this achievement, the band were awarded with the Gold Play Button and promised not to rest on their laurels, setting their eyes on the Diamond Play Button.

Online channel of the Ukrainian entertainment TV show Orel iReshka (Heads and Tails) also got this important awards as a New Year gift. You can watch the travel adventures of the hosts in different parts of our diverse planet on YouTube.


It is worth noting that Orel iReshka is popular not only among Ukrainian viewers, which also significantly improved online ratings of their channel. “There are one million and seventy-eight thousand of us now. We’ll get the Diamond Play Button one day, I hope, as well. Perhaps, as soon as the next year,” says Yelena Sinelnikova, general producer of the TV show.

Therefore, it’s becoming easier to get recognized for what you do and get an award. You don’t need to spend a lot of time in a recording studio or on a set for this. You just need to record a small video on topics of interest to you and share your expert opinion on YouTube. And maybe you will be the next owner of the Golden Play Button!