Yulia Zorii, a charming host of the Ukrainian show “Morning in the Big City” on ICTV told TOPCITY magazine in an exclusive interview how she launched a career on the television and how she manages to be so brilliant even so early in the morning

– Yulia, how did you become a TV-host? Was it your childhood dream?
– I dreamed of becoming an actress. I always needed a viewer. I sang songs in crowded buses on the way to kindergarten, embarrassing my parents along the way. I held all parties and concerts at school, I attended a theatrical coterie, and the TV-host work has something in common with all of that. Somebody always watches you one way or another.
– What channels were you on before becoming a TV-host on ICTV?
– After I moved out from hometown to Kyiv, I worked on “Ukraina” in the morning show “Morning with Ukraine”, then on “Era”, also in the morning show “Good morning, Ukraine!”, then I moved to ICTV. Basically, the morning has been following me for more than 5 years (laughs). Even though, I am a night person.

– What qualities do you need to become a good journalist?
– I believe that a good journalist should read a lot and learn new information and knowledge every minute. A journalist should be interested in the situation in the world. A journalist should be very objective and unbiased, although with a personal view on the subject matter.
– What literature do you prefer? What is your favorite book?
– I have many favorite books. My book of books in fictions is “The Little Prince”, I know it by heart and I can re-read it anytime from any place. Also,Ilovepsychologybooks. I’m fond of stories of famous psychotherapists about their work with certain examples from the work. Problems described in these books are natural for all people: the pain of loss, an inevitability of aging and eventual death, the sorrow of rejected love, fear of freedom and etc. Often this knowledge helps me in my everyday life and communication with different people.

– When and how does your morning begin?
– I wake up at 4 in the morning. A glass of warm water with lemon and I’m good to go.
– A few years ago you finished the course of acting skills. How did this idea appear?
– Well, since the idea of becoming an actor latched on me pretty heavily, I decided to try the course. I entered National I. K. Karpenko-Karyi Theatre, Cinema and Television University in 2002, I believe (smiles). But I studied to become a political scientist and I wouldn’t abandon the study, so I decided to start a theatrical study later.

– How is your acting career? Do you have any successes already?
– I’m starring in a few Ukrainian TV-series, I play on stage at private theatrical concern “Crazy day” with famous actors and CFI participants.
– “Diesel show” has a large audience. I’m curious, after you played in one of the concert stages, did your popularity increase?
– Ohyeah (laughs). Especiallyon Instagram. People from different countries and cities wrote me and tagged on the video of our play. It’sacoolexperience. Firstofall, Ijustlove “Dieselshow”. They are the number one among the humoristic programs for me. Second of all, it was an honor and great pleasure to work with them on one stage. They are great actors and I learned a lot from them. And third of all, two sold-out concerts in Palats “Ukraina” is a no small feat (smiles).
– Yulia, can you share your secrets to beauty?
– Therearenone. YoucansaytherearehabitsI’mtryingtofollow. Sleep is a huge part of beauty and health, considering my early morning schedule I try to suffice for the lack later. 2-3 hours of sleep in the noon. I go to the gym 3-4 times a week, and 1-2 times I go to massages. My weekends are dedicated to the hair and face – that includes various masks and care that I don’t have time for on broadcast days.
– How do you spend your free time? Do you have any hobbies?
– I used to ride a horse, but after I fall one time I decided to take a break and gather my strength to continue. I also love to read and embroiderin my free time, it calms my nerves.
– What would you like to wish yourself and our readers in the New Year?
– Let 2019 become a year of surprising discoveries and bright beginnings for you. I wish you tons of smiles, inspiration and cheerful start of the day!