2020 has been full of most different events, but as the founders of the international children’s magazine “TOPCITY KIDS” believe, it is worth focusing on the kindest, most beautiful and progressive. Of course, children themselves are happiness, and their future rightfully requires attention.

International gloss magazine announced a competition among children from six countries (South Korea, Switzerland, Italy, Moldova, France, Ukraine, Crimea).

Model Alexandra Milekich

The task was to motivate children to show their merits, share their skills with others, and of course, motivate them for great achievements. So, the most beautiful children turned out to be no less talented who became heroes of the international glossy magazine TOPCITY KIDS: Amir Tkachenko (9 years old, Ukraine / Crimea), Alexandra Milekich (5 years old, Ukraine),

Football Player Amir Tkachenko- Jepparov

Lesechko Diyana (5 years old, Ukraine )

Model Lesechko Diyana

Bariiv Emir (10 years old, Crimea / Ukraine),

Talented Emir Bariiv

Kim Haram (South Korea, 6 years old), Larissa Guanlianon (8 years old , Italy), Italy),Anna Udod (7 years old, Ukraine) ,

Model Anna Udod
Model Jenaya

Zhenya (12 years old, Switzerland), Sofia Tolstykh (5 years old, Moldova),

Model Sifia Tolstih

Yevhen Smerekovskyi (6 years old, Ukraine),

Model Smerekovskyi Yevhen

Anna Kravchenko (4 years old, Ukraine),

Model Anna Kravchenko

 Aftanas Victoria (12 years old, Ukraine),

model Aftanas Victoria

Daria Spektor (7 years old, Ukraine),

Model Darya Spector

Mikhail Bakun (2 years old, Ukraine),
Model Mykhailo Bakun

Jasmine and Kira Skorospeshkiny (6 and 9 years old, Ukraine),

Model Zhasmin Skorospieshkina

Model Kira Skorospieshkina

Kira Grabovenko (8 years old, Ukraine),

Model Kira Grabovenko

Shirin Toma (13 years old, Switzerland),

Model Shirin Toma

Elina Kulinich (9 years old, Ukraine),

Model Elina Kulinich

Noemi (9 years old, France),

Model Noemie

Elizaveta Rudyka (14 years old, Ukraine), Ariana Kilimnichenko (8 years old, Ukraine), Arina Klimchuk (5 years old, Ukraine).

Model Arina Klimchuk

Among the TOP 50 children also were Kristina Pimenova, Jade Weber, Anna Navaga, Anastasia Knyazeva, Alexander Plushenko, Jair Idzhalana, Anastasia Bezrukova, Susanna Molchanova, Arina Lebedeva, Jordin Reinl, Alisa Samsonova, Meika Woolard, Lili Chie, Sofia Razuvaeva, Liliya Rose and Ava Marie, Lanea Grace, Elizabeth Hayley, Arina Khetsanin, Katarina Moraes, Jar Iyalakhai, Miller William Franklin, Irina Vaselkina, Kara Delevingne, Evelina Chernakova, Christina Rudak, Alika Kamaeva.

Cover face Smerekovskyi Yevhen & Father Yevhen Smerekovskyi

The most beautiful children are like flowers – each one is unique and charming in its own way. Their spontaneous smile, shining eyes full of joy, free spirit and kindness make the world warmer, more comfortable and colorful. Every child’s face is special with its own beauty; it is difficult to determine the most attractive child. Nowadays, children of the modern generation called “Z” are particularly talented as well. From the very early age, they act in films, conquer catwalks, win a variety of contests and olympiads and paint incredible pictures. They know how to solve challenging puzzles, study business and speak several languages. They are our future, and they know how to make the world a better place. Or rather, they already make it like that.

All children are talented and beautiful. All that is required of us, parents, is love, support, understanding and attention. They are our best investment in the future.

TOPCITY KIDS magazine named «TOP 50 Most Beautiful Children 2020» among 7 countries

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