“Golden 1000” Worldwide Business Awards by Aliye Tkachenko

Golden 1000 will be covered by portals of 17 countries!

More recently, information about a new project the First International Business Award Golden 1000 , which will become a platform for brand development, high-quality business networking and PR began to appear in news portals. We decided to understand the uniqueness of this project first-hand. The founder of the Golden 1000 award is a young business lady, a marketer and economist Alie Tkachenko-Dzhepparova, who worked over the platform for about a year, thinking through details that could benefit entrepreneurs from different countries.

– Alisha, how was the idea of such a project born?

A: I am an entrepreneur myself, so I ve taken part in various projects, and while taking into account all the shortcomings, I ve realized that a perfect project for business needs to be created. Golden 1000 will operate both in national and international formats.

– What is the essence of Golden 1000 ?

A: First of all, it is the opportunity to present your product to a wide audience, to get high-quality networking, PR and much more. Each portal and media partner is selected in terms of efficiency and coverage, among them – more than 50 international portals of 17 countries and 45 all-Ukrainian portals. Similar projects have never occurred before. Of course, the national format will be followed by international with a new scale and benefits for entrepreneurs. I want Golden 1000 to open new names to the world, and if a brand is already known – to open new opportunities and strengthen business reputation. I keep working on it. My task is to make it as beneficial for entrepreneurship as possible at the most global level. I ve drawn attention to the fact that standard networking does not bring the desired result and I ve understood why: nobody of us can make more than 20 acquaintances – business contacts – in one meeting.

A useful contact may be missed out. And I ve understood what needs to be done so that all 100-200 entrepreneurs could cooperate qualitatively – all this will be applied among the participants of Golden 1000 . Each one of them will receive 100% and I will tell about the Golden 1000 mechanisms in detail on the forum.

Winners will be announced on 53 portals of 17 countries, right? What are these countries?

To be more accurate, on 98 portals, 45 of which are Ukrainian and 53 – international. These countries are USA, UK, Singapore, UAE, Kazakhstan, Switzerland, Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Poland, Georgia, China, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Saudi Arabia, and Germany.

– If I understand you correctly, for the moment the national format is only in Ukraine, but

A:Yes, in due course, the franchise to hold national formats will be in other countries. Then Top nominations will meet on the international platform.

– How will the award be held in the international format? What will follow after the national award?

A: We will hold a brainstorming forum, a networking meeting, then there will be an official part the presentation of a special edition of TOPCITY Business magazine, awards, a concert program; business lunch and business yachting will be held for the winners of the project. The program in Dubai will take place for 3 days.

I wish you success! Award web site for applications and sponsorship