Model Christina Krivopustova

– Kristina, tell usabouty our self. You are a model. What’syourfood ration? What beauty procedures you absolutely have to do?
– My ration is very balanced. In a day I eat a lot of vegetables, beans, drink water and try to eat as healthy as possible. The number one procedure is self-care. I mean sport, day regimenand balanced ration, of course. No procedure can give your body tonus, perfectly smooth skin and shiny hair if you don’t look after yourself at all sides. Sure, procedures are important, too, but not as important as what I’ve just mentioned.
– What are your plans for the future?
– To unleash my potential: to try different activities, to find myself. The most important thing to keep in mind is to be at peace with yourself and your body. I’d like to open a healthy food restaurant, so we would have just as much healthy food as we have fast-food.

– Why go for a healthy food restaurant?
– There was a time when I could spend 2-3 hours just to choose a food place. People that don’t care about their health usually visit the first restaurant they see. I can’t allow myself that. It’s important to remember – you are what you eat.
– Do you think it’s important how your Instagram profile looks? If so, why?
– I care how my Instagram profile looks like! Do we need to keep nice content? I think it depends on a person registered on this social media. If it’s the page for a small group of friends, it doesn’t really matter what content you post, how well you compile photos together, amount of likes and subscribers. In my case, it’s some sort of portfolio of my works, achievements. So I am very meticulous with how I support my account.
– What do you see as a success? How do you see yourself in 5-10 years?
– One of my goals is to find something I love doing. I’m sure when I find it, I will enjoy it and it will bring me great success. You’re most successful at what you love doing. Every day I try to learn something new, set goals and spend time with purpose. In 5-10 I’ll become my personal beauty standard. Also, I’ll be a settled person and a business-lady.

– What a girl with own business should be like? What qualities does she need to possess?
– Successful people have a lot of qualities; I’ll try to make out the most important ones: commitment, confidence, determination, responsibility, honesty, open mind to critique and creativity. Amother quality I’d like to mention is foresight but few people have it, as it has much to do with both experience and the talent for feeling the changes in the world. It’s hard to build a world-wide corporation with only one-day results in mind. You have to have a mind and a will to operate high profits, invest them in business, instead of chasing a luxurious life. I have nothing against expensive cars and goods that bring some sort of satisfaction, but for me, it’s more important to keep away from the temptations and the desire to multiply them at the start of the career.
– Do you like traveling? What’s your favorite city and why?
– Traveling means a lot to me. Pushing the boundaries, learning something new, communication, discovering your new self, all this can be obtained only by visiting new countries. Travels unveil new worldviews, incept new ideas. They even charge you with new strength!
– Kristina, what inspires you?
– Firstofall, newgoals. I enjoy the most and inspired by reaching the goals. And, perhaps, my surrounding. Communication with interesting people is also very inspiring.
– What will save our world? What each of us should do to make this planet better?
– Care for each other will save this world. We all should learn to do it sincerely and selflessly. I’m sure, the world’s salvation is peace. Butmankindis stilllearningthisrathersimpleskill.