Robert Bassili

– Robert, tell about yourself, your childhood and education, please?
– I was born in Sydney, Australia. I went to high school and then entered university but did not finish it. My childhood basically consisted of going to school, studying and playing sports.
– How did you become an entrepreneur?
– Entrepreneurship came into my life when I was 25. Before that I was working in the finance and banking industry. That’s why it is not something that was planned.
– You`ve achieved amazing results in business. What made it possible?
– Because I focuse a lot on both external and internal relationships with people and I understand who I am, and I am doing what I am great at, not necessarily what I like to do.
– You worked at the Eaton Vance Ltd as a strategy director. The company`s assets have grown $500 000 to $40 million dollars, since you started working there 5 years ago. How did you manage to achieve that?
– Please note, it refers to Eaton Vance, but it should be streetwise financial group. .. this was rapid growth over 5 years. Though I do not believe in luck, I would say, the time was right for such an explosive growth for the industries I was involved in, but again, building relationships and putting the right team together was what we did best then.
– Where does your Success start from?
– Success starts with understanding your goals and things at which you are great… it’s the ultimate test of honesty.. honesty with yourself and the guarantee that you will never give up.
– You arean investor . What are the most attractive kinds of projects for investment in Ukraine for your mind?
– Investing into the undervalued business that has the potential to be a market leader is the best form of investment. Money is made on how to buy a company not on how to sell it.
– Which realized project is your favorite one?
– My favourite project realised in Ukraine was Royal Kyiv Golf Club.
– What can you advise o businessmen who want to achieve the level of a millionaire?
– Focus on building the right team, build relationships with people, concentrate more on execution of project rather than the idea and never give up.
– What do you think are the bestplaces for education? How to become a good specialist?
– There is a difference between working for someone as a specialist and being an entrepreneur. Of course, the best place for training of the specialist is at work, because real experience is the best form of education. But I always advise the specialists to attend different business trainings and educational seminars to keep up with the latest tendencies in technology and education.
– What are your top 5 tips for Top managers who have just started their career?
– Build relationships, understand who you are, be able to do what you don’t want to do, be flexible and never give up.

– How do you spend your free time?
– Travelling, going to f1 events and discovering history.
– What are yourfavourite books? Can you share?
– I like reading autobiographies of other people, because it’s quite interesting to understand the stories of their lives. But one of the greatest books I have ever read is “Principles” by Ray Dalio.
-Have you got any projects in priority
for investment?

– There is no specific segment that I’m focused on, but I would say, anything in the energy, bio technology or artificial intelligence would get my attention.
– Robert, what is happiness for you?
– Happiness is when you understand what you are great at and you are able to perform your greatness and push yourself every day to unlock your potential.
– Would you like to get any new experience ?If yes, which one?
– Everyday there brings new experience, new problems, new rewards, new people around. The world is very dynamic, so every day is a new experience and new lessons.
– Let’s finish the interview with a question concerning start-ups. As far as I know, you have a special attitude to them, why do you avoid start-ups?
– Start-ups are necessary in the economic development of countries. Investors and investment funds have very specific ways of investing. Since my investing is known as activist investing, in this form of investing start-up is not the right target for investing.