Tank tours for extreme driving fans

What do you know about popular adventure tours that enthrall Ukrainian connoisseurs of extreme sports? Even if you think that you know everything – tank tours will open for you new frontiers. And that’s not just an opportunity to spend your vacations experiencing a real men’s entertainment.

Military tank tour in Kiev is a journey to the nuclear missile base, with driving real tanks, tour of the territory, including visit to the command launch center and several interesting exhibits. The time spent for this trip will bring you wonderful memories and a unique experience.

Want to know more and join this adventure? Go to and book your own ’lucky ticket’ for unforgettable tour to a real Ukrainian military nuclear missile base.

  • Take your friends if you’d like to spend this time in a good company.
  • Invite your relatives – to feel a special ‘family’ atmosphere that gives self-reliance and desire to experience all that such a tour can offer to you.
  • Go with colleagues and make the best team building ever!
  • Or just go by your own – and enjoy a whole spectrum of feelings of taking under control huge ‘monster with tracks’, visit the nuclear missile base or to the military museum.


What’s interesting about tank tours in Kyiv?

If you’re a fan of military vehicles of the former USSR such kind of tour will be interesting for you for sure. This is an all-inclusive type of journey. And you don’t have to worry about your safety or comfort. We are sure that good vacations are well-planned vacations. Thus your trip includes:

  • Health insurance. Yes, your adventure is really safe. And the tour organizers guarantee this by providing you with a full insurance policy in case of ‘surprises’, which are not scary to real men, but which are much better not to face at all.
  • National lunch including non-alcohol drinks. Your ‘military weekend’ will be a holiday – and what else you go on this tour for! A delicious lunch in good company and outdoor adventure is a great combination for those who appreciate a good rest.
  • Transfer from Kyiv to missile base and back, to city, after the end of the trip. You don’t have to think about how to get to the base and how to come back home. Tour organizers take care of your transfer.
  • Highly topical excursion program. The participants of the tour will get the access to the underground command launch center and even touch some real rockets. This is your chance to see the models of rockets of different flight range and power. Special bonus: guests of the command launch center can simulate the real launch of some atomic missile.
  • Excursions. Are you a fan of the military history of your country? So this tour is made for you. The guest of this journey can visit the museum of development of the rocket industry and the museum of war.
  • Your own guide. Your group will be accompanied by the professional guide, which will show you the most exciting places of military base, and also take care of your activities and safety.

And the main part of the program is presentation of the IS-3 famous tank, the star of USSR armed forces. You will not just find out interesting technical details about this monster vehicle. You and other team members can also drive the tank with a help of instructor.

Whatever extreme experience you have, this holiday will bring you absolutely unique memories, bring closer you with your friends (if you go together), and get you acquainted with the real men’s kind of adventures.