The Palm: Bloomberg publication – about Zoryana Golovata

Zoryana Golovata is the first Ukrainian woman, about whom wrote one of the world’s most important news agencies – Bloomberg. Bloomberg is a leader in business and financial information and news that gives unlimited opportunities to decision-makers by connecting them to a dynamic network of information, people and ideas.
The name of Zoryana Golovata, a top coach with worldwide recognition, is now on the front pages, next to such famous and influential personalities as Jeff Bezos, Angela Merkel, Elon Musk and others! Bloomberg carefully selects people and topics for coverage, so our heroine deservedly reaps the fruits of her work.
This article is not the first publication in the biggest and most authoritative publications in the world. The article “Psychological Wealth And Mental Health” by Zoryana was published in nothing short of “Forbes Monaco”

Zoryana Golovata is the head of the expert group on cognitive management (Political Science Association). She is a laureate of the honorable competition Socrates International Awards (United Kingdom). Graduate of the special course “Leadership. Personalities. Image” (Oxford). Delegate of the UN Peace Week, Geneva. Author of the project “Money and Psychology”, as well as “See more”.
Zoryana’s competence in the financial sector, determined by economics education (business management and banking), is effectively complemented by scientific research in the field of psychology (emotional intelligence and the psychological foundations of personality development) and more than 20 years of practical experience in the field of personal psychology of money.

The experience of the most famous coach of Ukraine includes 12 years of teaching activity, certification of business trainers, training programs for personal coaches (18 schools were created).
Zoryana Golovata is also the president of the European Business Technologies company and the author of the articles “Behind the scenes of visible victories”, “Double standards”, “The system that supports business”, “Do you have a plan, Miss?”, “How to manipulate manipulators ” and etc.
“It all starts with awareness, when we are aware of “something”, then we can change it at our discretion” – this is one of the favourite quotes of Zoryana Golovata, whose clients and partners have been gracing the Billionaires List for several years already – the most desirable list for determined and motivated people of the planet!