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Top Books 2020

“The book you wish your parents had read” by Philippa Perry.

Philippe Perry, a well-known British psychotherapist, has released a book entitled “The book you wish your parents had read.” The best-seller on parenting is in the top 100 books of the British Amazon.
In the book you can find answers to many questions on how to establish a connection with a child from the very first days of its life, how to maintain and strengthen this connection over the years. You will learn about all the subtleties of education: from pregnancy to communicating with adult independent children. The author will help you see the world through the eyes of a child, better understand it and do the right things in different situations. We can safely say that this book will replace all existing educational manuals!

“Maybe you should talk to someone” by Laurie Gottlieb.

The New York Times bestseller, book number 1 on Amazon’s Popular Psychology ranking – these are just a couple of facts that open up the book’s award list.
Lori Gottlieb is a practicing psychotherapist who has been helping a variety of patients for many years, be it a young girl who has become confused, a man who is unhappy because his whole life is the path up the career ladder, or an elderly woman dying of cancer. Nevertheless, psychotherapists are also people, and now came the moment when Laurie herself needed help.
In the book, the author not only tells the personal story of life and the history of patients, but also helps those readers who recognize themselves in these stories. Everyone will be able to find answers to disturbing questions, and understand how you can change your life and become happier.
By the way, the American studio ABC Studios is filming a series based on a book with Eva Longoria in the title role.


“Black holes. The Reith Lectures’’ by Professor Stephen Hawking.

Since ancient times, the mankind has been troubled by the mysteries of the universe. For several decades now, people have been trying to open at least a millimeter of the veil of secrecy and understand what really goes on in space.
“Black holes. The Reith Lectures’’ is a collection of lectures by the English theoretical physicist, cosmologist and astrophysicist Stephen Hawking about one of the most mysterious phenomena of outer space – the black holes. Lectures were given at one of the UK’s most popular radio stations, BBC Radio 4.
It is hard to imagine who else could tell about one of the most mysterious space objects more interestingly and simpler than a person who made cosmology a popular science and devoted many years to studying the effects of black holes. In the collection you will find answers to many questions related to this unusual and fascinating phenomenon.


“Letters from an astrophysicist” by Neil Degrasse Tyson

Another book that can answer many questions about universe which are interesting to the mankind. And this time, it is not the space exploration, distant galaxies or the likelihood of extraterrestrial life. In his book, the American astrophysicist shares his opinion on the attitude to Darwin’s theory of evolution, methods of building a perpetual motion machine, the probability of the end of the world, and also talks about how to survive the loss of a loved one and radically change your life.
The book turned out to be particularly interesting and penetrating into the nooks and crannies of the human soul due to the broad outlook and excellent sense of humor of the writer. The work will definitely not leave you indifferent and will make you look at seemingly obvious things in a completely different way.


“The noonday demon. An anatomy of depression, ” by Andrew Solomon.

Sadness, depression, despondency, melancholy, bad mood, melancholy, sadness, powerlessness, depression. Disagreement has many names and many shades. To overcome this condition is very difficult and, as a rule, there is no universal recipe. Not even one of the most experienced doctors will be able to say for sure whether this or that decision will help the patient. The closest to unraveling the secrets of a stable emotional state are those who were in the shackles of depression and were able to break them.

Andrew Solomon is a journalist and professor of clinical psychology at the Columbia University Medical Center, who has suffered from depression, has been treated for a long time, and has learned to control it. Who, if not he, would be able to most accurately describe the experienced state and ways that can help people in a similar situation.
In the book, the author describes both his story and the stories of his patients. That is why everyone can find the answer to the question that is currently bothering him or her. Andrew tells not only about how to overcome depression, but also how to fill himself with energy every day, maintain a positive attitude in stressful situations and achieve his goals.


“Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience” by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

Each new book by Chiksentmihaii is an event. Its universal value is that it provides very simple and effective tips on self-realization, which are useful to anyone – from a nurse and a housewife, to a scientist and entrepreneur – in the process of the most routine occupations of life – from everyday professional activities to washing dishes and walking a dog.
This book is partly a psychological study, partly a guide that helps us become masters of our own lives. A survey of thousands of people has shown how often we do not realize what is happening in our emotional life. As a result, we fall into one of two extremes: doing business, we are often in stress and anxiety due to work and many obligations, and in moments of leisure – we begin to feel bored. Chiksentmihaii sees the key to solving this problem in setting himself the tasks that make us use our skills and talents to the maximum and learn how to enjoy the joy of being fully involved in everyday activities. The lessons of the book seem simple, but at the same time they really show the way to maximum self-realization and happiness.


The Body Book by Cameron Diaz Sandra Bark

Throughout her career, Cameron Diaz has been a role model for millions of women. However, she did not always think about her health.

Awareness of the inextricable link between nutrition and health was one of those life lessons that made Cameron seriously interested and understand how to take care of his own body. In the “Book about the body”, she shares knowledge gained both from her own experience and through consultations of specialists on a healthy lifestyle.
The actress does not offer a universal health program for all and does not set specific goals that can be achieved in a week or a month. The “Book of the Body” is a gradual path to a long, active and healthy life.
Based on scientific facts and expert opinion, the “Book of the Body” is a positive, informative and inspiring guide for every woman.


“Stumbling on Happiness” by Daniel Gilbert

People spend lots of effort, energy and resources to become happy in the future: for decades they take out a mortgage, dreaming of their own housing, take loans at predatory interest for the comfort of a renovated house, make a career, grubbing alone at work to someday make money on all the blessings of life. But in the pursuit of the future, we forget that we can and should be happy in the present.
In his wonderful and witty book, which has become a real guide to action for tens of thousands of people around the world, the famous Harvard psychologist Daniel Gilbert explains why our predictions about our own happiness in the future do not coincide with reality.
Based on theories and facts from psychology, cognitive neurology, philosophy and behavioral economics, the author proves to us that happiness must be created in the present!


“Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal” by Mary Roach

For many years, the questions raised in this book have been taboo. The topic of digestion has always been beyond decency. In this book, the famous writer Mary Roach in an honest, sometimes shocking way, tells how our stomach and digestive system are arranged. You will learn how chewing food affects our lives, why Elvis Presley actually died, how long our stomach can stretch, what our saliva consists of and many other funny and serious scientific facts.


“The Paradox of Love”, by Pascal Bruckner

“The Paradox of Love” is a new essay by the famous French writer Pascal Bruckner. The topic that Bruckner touches this time, drawing on the experience of his generation, can hardly leave anyone indifferent. What has changed, what has remained unchanged in the love psychology of a modern man? Sexual revolution, declarations of “free love”: how did the sociocultural shifts of the last third of the 20th century influence the world of feelings, relationships and values? Is freedom attainable in love?
Continuing the tradition of French essay, the author is both serious and ironic in his thoughts he shines with erudition, making excursions into the history and the history of literature, and at the same time, talks vividly and emotionally to the reader.


“The Price of Inequality: How Today’s Divided Society Endangers Our Future” by Joseph Stiglitz.

The economist, Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz talks about the actions of the economic elite and what needs to be done to establish a true, dynamic capitalism. He examines the effects of inequality on economics, democracy, legal system, and explains how national politics affects inequality and how inequality affects national politics. In conclusion, Stiglitz offers his vision of a fairer and more equal future and a concrete program to bring this vision to life.


The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money, and Power by Daniel Yergin
Having received the prestigious Pulitzer Prize, The Mining Book is a vivid narrative of black gold – oil, filled with historical characters and events. The author reveals the complex relationship between the global oil industry and international politics and shows how oil has become one of the determining factors in the development of the global economy. Despite numerous innovations in the field of alternative energy, oil will continue to play a key role in the fate of not only individual states, but of humanity as a whole.